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Backed by years of experience handling several businesses and executing fair transactions, position's us as an invaluable guide in matters relating to investments anywhere in the world. At Hamilton Webster Chambers & Co. we have successfully handled the following;

- Acquisition and disposal of assets
- Initial public offerings (IPOs) for businesses
- Documentation of Joint venture agreements
- Company restructuring
- Franchising operations, leases and the formation of trusts.
- Regularization of foreign participation in offshore companies
(Particularly Nigerian companies)

Commercial Investment & Multinational Investment Trade
We understand the manner that international trade works and the interplay between international conventions, legislation and practice. At all times we are always confident in our ability to adequately protect the interest of our clients in this regard.

In order to regularly keep abreast of international trade practice and conventions, we have had cause to regularly train and retrain our partners and associates.






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